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Posted on 04-24-2018

Money Esteem … the BIGGEST THREAT to our dreams.

By Tina Marie St.Cyr

Our internal money conversation can empower or ruin our lives.

Of all the resources we have in our lives, money can be the fuel for our dreams coming true or the fire, when we are unsure about it, to devastate us. We are honestly not raised with ways to openly speak of money, earn it, honor it, grow it and respect it.

Ever feel like money is that thing you are supposed to naturally know everything about but never talk about it? Like there was some instruction book that maybe others got to read yet it did not make it to your house when you were growing up?

Our hidden beliefs about money, our habits, reactivity, and fears become the basis of our internal money conversation, what I call our Money Esteem. Money, like it or not, does make our world-go-round. I truly believe Universal Intelligence uses money to keep humans in relationship, growing and interacting. After all, have you ever found a way to make money that does not involve another human?

In the past 24 hours I have worked with 3 business owners who, in our assessment of their business and processes all tested off the charts positive on having poor money esteem.

What is money esteem?

Money Esteem is the respect of money. The ability to openly speak about it, earn it, understand it, use it, grow it and feel absolutely worthy of it.

With these three business owners, two female and one male, the unconscious agreements they have made with money have undoubtedly kept them near broke, living month to month and stressed or without a safety net or measurable budget, let alone visions of a long vacation, retirement accounts or ways to give to others in abundant amounts.

Look at your plans for 2018… if they involve humans, somewhere they will also involve money. Do you wonder what your money esteem would be? Have you ever wondered how much more you could serve, help, and contribute to others if you have more money esteem?

What is your Money Esteem?

Do you have hesitation when talking about how much your services or products cost? Do you 'make a deal' and lower your prices to meet a client where they are? Is your mind ready for being rich or is it sabotaging your efforts? When I help my clients shift this inner blockage, they usually double, if not triple their business in a matter of months.

How esteemed are you around money?

Are you asking for your true value or are you underpriced?

When asked “What do you charge?” do you feel angst inside or pride?

Are you absolutely 100% over-the-top confident in your services, quality and results you create for your clients?

Would they RAVE about your services and products?

Would they RAVE about you?

Can you (yourself, not another person in your firm) sell your services and products on a sales call with a cold prospect easily?

When someone ducks and dives and does not pay, do you call them and discuss payment options or press to get your payment?

Increasing Your Money Esteem - An Exercise

This is an easy exercise to increase your money esteem. Look at your business, or your career. What do you typically charge or get paid? Imagine yourself in front of a new client prospect or a new employer. Look into the mirror at your ‘imagined prospect/employer’ and answer the question: “How much would it cost to work with you?”  If your fee is $50, answer in the mirror, “$5,000”. If your salary is $50,000, answer “$5,000,000” … feel the up leveling of your internal money esteem. It will feel odd at first, yet, with practice, your nervous system will regulate to a bigger number. Once we get comfortable with 100x’ing our rates… claiming our true value and stating our true fee becomes easy.

It’s been proven the primary difference between a wealthy, successful business person and one who struggles is their mindset. Transform your Money Esteem and transform your life!

If you are ready to up-level your 10X income[TL1] , transform your money esteem and learn which of the main money saboteurs are holding you and your business back, reach out to Tina Marie St.Cyr, a degreed professional Personal and Business Coach dedicated to helping her clients serve others through amazing abundance and soul shifting transformation. Tina Marie’s full bio is on her website. Complimentary consultations[TL2]  available Wednesdays after 2 pm. This is the year to 10X your life! www.TinaMarie.com, 888-721-4204

 [TL1]Not sure about this one


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