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Posted on 07-23-2017



You could reasonably become suspicious from such a big statement and say: “how is it possible that something that is so difficult to achieve and that most of the time requires an entire lifetime of full dedication, could be experienced instantly without any effort?”.

The root of this question has a fundamental problem which is caused by a wrong idea of what spiritual liberation is. There are an infinite number of books on this topic, many misleading concepts that only lead to a distortion of our ego and to the creation of exotic ideas about the nature of the awakening to the Self.

Spiritual liberation, enlightenment, awakening to your True Nature, and so on, are just different ways to call the same thing: having a direct experience of the real nature of your mind.

All the greatest realized masters have agreed that the True Nature of your mind is not something that you artificially create with your practices, but it is something that has always existed within you.

To discover it and become aware of it is like spending many hours looking for your glasses and to suddenly discover that they were on your forehead. They have always been there. In fact, awakening to your True Nature does not take any time, it happens instantly. It is a simple recognition far less complicated of what you have probably believed for a long time. It is the discovery that you do not really exist in the way that you always thought. It is the most shocking, profound, and yet simple direct experience of the subject of all the external and internal phenomena that up to that point you have been referring to as "you".

It is not something so mystically appealing for the mind of the spiritual researcher that is waiting for some kind of transcendental experience. It is a human realization that can be achieved in this life, following the right instructions and methods. For this reason, all those New Age belief systems that easily create angels, demons, spirit guides, supernatural powers, are just a trap for the superficial mind that likes to be entertained with these appealing ideas. But the truth is that those paths take away the attention from the real important question: Who is really experiencing all of this? Can I experience the experiencer? Therefore, it is very important to find the right key to open the lock that gives you access to the direct experience of your True Nature.


The highest spiritual realization is not something that can be achieved intellectually because it transcends the intellect. It is a state of consciousness that can only be experienced and cultivated, up to the point that it becomes a completely stabilized experience. The quickest way to experience it is by exposing yourself to powerful transformative experiences that can help you break your mental patterns and your personal identifications.

You usually identify yourself with your personality, personal history, job, things you do, your body, your name, and so on. In reality, these are all parts of the trap that prevents you to see and express your full potential. They are all parts of your self-image, which has been created over the years based on the way you reacted to life circumstances. And the truth is that it has nothing to do with who you really are!

All the activities of the Yoga Music School give you the possibility of instantly experiencing and reconnecting with the natural state of your mind, and help you dissolve your mental and emotional blockages.

Through different experiences such as the Shamanic Journey, the Ecstatic Trance Dance, the Ecstatic Concert and the transformational music workshops, you are led into another dimension of existence which transcends time and space. You will have the chance to meet the “Real You”, which exists beyond the agitated activity of your mind. You will learn to connect to the higher dimension of your being and become able to express your full potential. Your attention will not be focused on your personal story, dramas and daily concerns anymore. And you will have the chance to discover what you have always been.

All workshops and activities will be available in Houston only in July 2017 and will take place in different venues. Some of them are reserved to a small number of participants, so if you do not want to miss this opportunity it is best to reserve your place. If you would like to find out more about the activities and book your attendance, visit the YOGA MUSIC SCHOOL website at www.yogamusicschool.com or send an email to yogamusicschool@gmail.com

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