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Posted on 12-03-2016

To change the world, be the change

by Gladys Wesley-Kennedy

In these times, confusion, fear, desire, and mass manipulation are the life theme of mankind. In these times, the vast majority of humans are lost and entirely driven by unconscious motivations, beliefs, delusionary life goals, and toxic relationships. Today, there is so much abundance evident everywhere, yet most of us live in fear that time is running out. We fear that the oceans, rivers, streams and all other waters will inevitably be contaminated or soon dry out. Many of us dreadfully anticipate the day when the air will choke all breathing beings to their premature physical deaths.  Others are consumed with worry that the economic structure will crumble and fall, leaving us to suffer or tragically die from the human consequences of ignorance, greed, hunger, rape, conflict, and thievery.  Even more of us nervously prepare for the, so-called, imminent “Doomsday” to strike; anticipating asteroids plummeting the earth; earthquakes ripping apart whole continents—plunging major cities into the depths of the swelling, roaring, angry oceans. Oceans, formerly long-known for their abundant healthy bounty; but now, their fish and other vital inhabitants are being physically maimed, and their sustaining water’s nature toxified beyond repair. Consequently, beaches and land animals are being poisoned, killed, genetically deformed and forever altered, or worse—rendered extinct—by having to live amongst the unfortunate human ravages of exorbitant over-fishing, mountains of plastics, hundreds of miles of random floating wastes, toxic chemicals, as well as human and animal excrement.

Why do we choose to live with greed and selfishness?  Why do we choose to live in fear, instead of optimism? Why do we choose to overconsume, instead of being content with ‘enough’? Why do we choose to continue to produce ever-growing waste, instead of creating ecologically beneficial waste management systems? Why do we choose to sleep through the bad storm, instead of waking up and making a difference? Why do we continue to allow ourselves to dream a “mad dream?” Why do we not care enough to endeavor to repair, heal, and prevent more detrimental effects of our selfishness and arrogance?  Why? We do not see the error of our ways. The vast majority of people today do not recognize, or rather refuse to recognize, on any perceptual level, the true plight, or more accurately, the potential gift of honestly and courageously recognizing, facing, and changing ourselves, our world, and our life present.

In these times, we choose to live as a complacent un-evolving species. Humankind has become too comfortable and resolved to live as sleeping dreamers trapped in our own nightmare.  We are lost in a declining reality, which is not real. We need to recognize the illusion for what it really is—a gift. Fortunately, all of life is impermanent. Reality is not fixed. It is important for us to know and remember that our reality and life conditions are changeable. Our reality is repairable.  Our reality is completely moldable. Hence, the gift is, since we can perceive the problems and consequences of our ignorant ways, we can also perceive of and implement the solutions. With our mind, thoughts, and actions, we create and can intentionally recreate everything and anything.

Hence, today, we have the opportunity, ability, and awareness, to transform and uplift ourselves, our reality, our earth, our universe and beyond. We simply need to wake up from our complacent slumber and mad dream, and bravely choose to begin to “dream a better dream.”  What does this mean?  It means that, since we can notice our own inner diseases and daily life battles, such as habitual bouts of fear, anger, depression, anxiety, loathing, compulsions, addictions, desires, and emotional attachments, then, we can intentionally elicit positive change by changing our own perspectives and mindset about ourselves, world, and daily reality.  How? We begin to choose to change whenever we recognize that we are thinking, perceiving, or experiencing some expression of internal or external destruction, disharmony, or angst, (i.e., mental, emotional, or physical agitation or pain). Endeavor to recognize its disturbing cause, which is always our negative mindset. Then, interrupt and change the way we are thinking, emoting, and behaving, in present moment.  Specifically, as we recognize an eruption of mental or emotional distress, interrupt the problematic thoughts by envisioning specific details of an improved situation. In other words, conceive in mind the desired relationship or amended mental, emotional, physical, societal, or environmental manifestation.

Imagination is the key. The ability to think about and conceive of solutions is the solution for all unwanted or undesirable life circumstances—within ourselves, our society, and our world. The only change ever needed is simple and possible to achieve.  Change the way you think and how you perceive yourself and reality. Make a habit of envisioning solutions and living the solutions, in mind, action, and reaction. We change our mind to change our life and world.

Since you have chosen to read this article, consider it time for you to start to change, heal, and grow. Consider this article your invitation and opportunity to dream a better dream. Therefore, begin now. Whenever you encounter any aspect of the mad dream—in mind, body, emotion, or daily reality—simply follow these five life-changing steps: 1. Conceive the solution. 2. Define the solution. 3. Express the solution. 4. Pursue the solution. 5. Become the solution.

Congratulations! The true gift is in knowing that life is impermanent and changeable. Therefore, know that you can and do make all the difference in this world. Finally, always remember: “To change the world, be the change you wish to experience.”

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