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Posted on 12-02-2016

The Tools of Anima Meditation

By Anne Apfel

  Anima meditation was created by Anne Apfel and is called an in body type meditation. It encourages you to release the negative energies that you pick up and channel through your body by cleansing, and grounding. It helps you to block negative, outside energy from attaching to your aura and getting into your chakras with a protection anima and a clarity anima. It connects you to your higher-self with a supreme being anima and it refills your energy after meditation with a replenishment anima.

With these meditation tools, you begin to be in control of managing your own energy field. Many meditations today are out of body meditations where you hover above your body or travel out of your body. When working with the anima meditation tools, you can do these more advanced types of meditations safely or learn to be in your body while meditating. Each anima is discussed in the book Shift Your Consciousness ~ Meditate Now, by Anne Apfel. You can use them in the meditations in the book, or you can use them and create your own meditations. 

The Grounding Anima 

   You don’t have to be in meditation to ground. You can ground anywhere at anytime. Grounding is simply connecting your body to the earth with a line of energy and opening the first chakra to release negative foreign energy that has entered your body. As you use your grounding anima, your ability to ground is strengthened, and you begin to be more in control of your physical space and your energy space. When you can ground, you may keep your energy in your body and control your space rather than letting outside energies move you. 

The Cleansing Anima

   The cleansing anima is used after grounding your body in meditation. Once grounded you create the cleansing anima between your hands and move it through your chakras while breathing in and exhaling. The cleansing anima collects negative energy in your chakras, aura, and body. As you remove the energy, you neutralize it and return it to its source in that neutral anima. As we cleanse our energy body, we remove negative being and karma. 

The Protection Anima

The protection anima is used at the edge of your space or auric field. This tool also grows in its ability as you allow it to ingrain into your spiritual body space. After a few years of creating and using the protection anima, it becomes part of your energy as you become the walking meditation. Learning to protect your space neutrally allows you to be, without creating karma. 

The Clarity Anima

Often we run into negative energy in our daily life that we do not want to become involved in. Weather negative energy is being directed at you, or you are stuck in a position where you cannot avoid it, the clarity anima allows you to remain clear inside the negative energy as it moves through your spiritual body without attaching to your physical. At times in meditation, we can run into negative energy as well. This tool can keep your chakras from being damaged or your aura from being torn by negative being. 

The Supreme Being Anima

   In Anima meditation, we work with conscious energy to direct us in truth. We practice seeing energy with our third eye while connected to the conscious energy through our crown chakra. We listen with our heart for our answer and begin to work with supreme conscious being to get and be on our spiritual path. 

The Replenishment Anima

After we have used, our meditation anima's to release energy we use the replenishment anima to refill our aura, body, and chakras with healed miracle vibration. Like the ability to create a grounded space, replenishment can be done anywhere at anytime. Replenishment brings your karma into present time after releasing any old negative foreign energy that was in your space in meditation. 


As you work with tools in meditation, you help to create your conscious connection to your higher self. Once your connection can be protected and kept open through your ability to recognize and remove blocks by cleansing you begin to remain grounded in your daily walk.  Each day practicing your meditation tools brings you to a stronger awareness of your own spiritual walk as you become the walking meditation able to notice and heal your own energy.  

Anne Apfel lives in the Energy Corridor of Houston, Texas. She studied meditation for four years on the Big Island of Hawaii, and taught meditation in Buffalo, New York before creating her own meditation and writing Shift Your Consciousness ~ Meditate Now, Anima Meditations by Anne Apfel. Anima meditation is based on balancing your energy and connecting to higher consciousness for understanding. When we understand how our energy moves in the universe, we can create our spiritual energy in beauty. As you release the energies, you don’t want, you may make space to allow in energies you do want. Today chose to grow your spirit by starting your meditation journey.  

Shift Your Consciousness ~ Meditate Now, Anima Meditations by Anne Apfel is published by small press ApfelArt. Pick up your copy on amazon.com or ask the author for a signed copy by purchasing one on Shopify at Anne Apfel's Facebook page Meditate Now to Heal Yourself. https://www.facebook.com/commerce/products/866190196829406/ You may vend this book in your store by applying to create space with your store number and ordering your copies at a forty percent discount.

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