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Posted on 11-30-2016

How Your Angels Help You Discover Your Soul Purpose

by Kim O’Neill

Are you aware that the secret to creating inner peace and happiness is directly linked to carrying out your spiritual destiny? Think of destiny in terms of a spiritual to-do list. You are currently living on the earthly plane to accomplish a very specific set of goals and objectives that you planned while you were still in heaven. Fulfilling your destiny is the rea­son you have been reborn on the earthly plane, and your entire quality of life hinges on how you pursue your spiritual objectives. The secret of creating a satisfying quality of life is twofold. It involves developing an awareness of your spiritual destiny, and the daily effort you put forth to achieve it.

Life on the earthly plane is never easy. No matter how far you’ve already navigated down your spiritual path, there are times when you’re likely to be overwhelmed by confusion about your true purpose, gripped by fear of failure, frustrated about the timing involved in what you’re trying to manifest, and continually dealing with difficult issues in your relationships with other people. And, of course, there is the ever-present change that is at the heart of the earthly experience. How you respond to all of the ongoing transition and challenge will dictate your day-to-day quality of life.  

How can you continually prevail over all of the distractions and concerns you face on a daily basis? How can you maintain faith in who you are and what you are here on earth to achieve? How can you overcome all of the negativity, hopelessness, and resistance to change that confound so many of us at times?


Your guardian angels are actual partners in helping you remember who you are, why you are here, and the timing in which you are meant to achieve all the dynamics of your destiny. The key to accessing all of the guidance and direction they can provide is to develop your ability to better hear and discern what they are trying to communicate…and trust in your ability to get it right.

“Channeling” is the process of communication that takes place between spiritual beings existing in heaven and human beings existing on the earthly plane. All the residents of heaven, including God, the network of guardian angels, and your departed loved ones are spiritual beings. They regularly provide human beings with a wealth of intuitive insight designed to help pave the way for success and fulfillment.

As you become more receptive to spiritual communication, you’ll discover that there are a great number of angels working with you to provide assistance and direction. During waking hours, your angels speak to you telepathically, providing intuitive information that sounds like a little voice inside your head, which you are very likely to interpret as your own thoughts. While you're asleep, angels communicate with you in the form of dreams, which are meant to provide insight into your career, relationships, issues, health, safety, abundance, and even past-life experiences. 

Think for a moment about the dreams you've had that have been particularly memorable or repetitive. Along with recalling past-life experiences, your dreams bring clarity to what is happening currently in your life, and even furnish an awareness of what is to come in the future. It may also prove very comforting for departed friends and family members to maintain a relationship with you by making an appearance in your dreams, often to share some very necessary information that they feel will be spiritually or emotionally constructive.

Guardian angels start an open dialog with us when we arrive on the earthly plane and continue to provide unwavering support throughout our lives, even if we remain unaware of their existence or our inborn ability to communicate with them. If you practice your communication skills, you’ll quickly build a more cohesive and tangible relationship with them. Developing the ability to channel with your angels will dramatically improve your quality of life.

The process of channeling is incredibly simple. While it may sound grandiose to communicate with heavenly beings, it is your birthright as a full-fledged member of the same community. Don't forget that you, too, are a spiritual being, and live in heaven between each of your earthly lifetimes. You are only here on the earthly plane for a short spiritual pilgrimage to accomplish a number of very specific goals. You are a spiritual being yourself, and have guardian angels already assigned to work with you to assist in the accomplishment of your spiritual agenda. Your guardian angels have been providing intuitive information to you since you were an infant, and because this communication has already been occurring, there is no question about your ability to be able to do it.

You have already been channeling, since birth, whether you realize it or not. The ability to continue doing so will remain intact no matter how much you ignore or deny that the process is taking place. With just a little practice, you can develop communication skills that will allow you to have a two-way conversation with your guardian angels, or departed loved ones, whenever and wherever you wish. Imagine how life-changing it would be to have immediate access to the wealth of information available from them—as well as from your soul’s memory bank—and how you could use those insights to build far greater success in your life.

One of the biggest keys in developing your channeling ability is to get into the habit of spending time actually talking with them. Plan fifteen minutes once a week (or, even better, every morning!), to sit in front of your computer; or, if you’re old-school like me, you can assemble a notebook and pen to take notes. Make sure you’re in an environment where you won’t be disturbed. Next, it’s important to quiet your brain so what you hear will not be “head talk.” Simply ask your brain to put itself on “mute” and to become only an observer to what is taking place. Take a few calming deep breaths. Then, ask your angels to start providing the guidance and information that is most important at that time. Or, you can begin your angelic briefing by asking questions. Listen to what pops into your mind and take notes so that you have a journal of your channeling efforts. Trust in what you “hear” or “know” or “sense.”                                                                                                                                                                                               The more you practice, the more confident you’ll become in your ability—and, the more receptive you’ll be to the wealth of angelic guidance available to you as you’re going about your daily routine. Together—with your angels—you can create the life you were born to live!   

Kim O’Neill, voted Houston’s Top Psychic by Houston Press Magazine, is hailed as a spiritual lifestyle coach by clients from around the globe and in many diverse walks of life. Kim O’Neill, voted Houston’s Top Psychic by Houston Press Magazine, is hailed as a spiritual lifestyle coach by clients from around the globe and in many diverse walks of life. 

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