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Posted on 11-30-2016

Disease – A Gift of Death or Life?

By Gladys Wesley-Kennedy

June 15, 2015

Seventeen years ago, I developed a genetic form of cancer, which had already claimed the lives of my grandmothers, mother, and eldest sister. I attribute my survival thus far to recognizing and correcting a deep and mistaken perception about “disease.”  Accordingly, today, I view disease, in all of its many manifestations, as a “gift”…a gift of bringing into awareness a deviation from the intrinsic perfection that is ever present.

As with many of us, when I was diagnosed with cancer, great mental anguish and an overwhelming fear of “untimely death” ensued. That fear factor and my desperate clinging to a, so-called, “life” began to propagate and take over. Eventually, however, to live, I realized I had to correct my understanding about disease, and form a healing relationship with cancer.

For instance, I now describe cancer as life unbounded; life out of control; life out of balance. Why? It is because when I perceived cancer cells under a light microscope, what I readily observed was the light of life out of control—life over-consuming itself—life reproducing, replicating, and consuming without constraint, boundary, or discrimination. Hence, in the case of cancer, I realized that life is not diminishing, but rather is abundant. From that revelation, I put down my fear and instead grasped the truth about its presence. I grasped the principle that life, with all its complexities, trials and tribulations, is truly unbounded, eternal, illuminated, and complete. I also recognized that neither cancer nor any other expression of disease, can consume our life source. Cancer nor any other disease cannot extinguish the eternal light of our divine spirit.

Therefore, when asked what I attribute my survival to, I share my new perception, which is that, if, a disease, such as cancer manifests, recognize that LIFE, in its wholeness, perfection, and brightness has actually been gifted to you.  So, do not fear or fret.  Rather, grasp the chance to see the beauty of life as being newly presented to you.  Place your awareness and confidence in the knowledge that your life has just begun. Breathe, relax, and fully embrace every second of the perfection that is all around you. Whether you choose chemotherapy or herbal therapy; whether you choose surgery or prayer; whether you choose denial or acceptance; whether you have the support of loved ones or not; none of these matter. The opportunity before you is that NOW is the time to embrace life, in all its beauty, all its perfection, and all its opportunities to live fully.

As someone whose life has been touched by many generations of disease, I offer another way to view and experience the presentation of sickness and disease:  Begin to be more mindful of how you think, how you breathe, how you relate, and how you love.  Begin to live mindfully by exercising gratitude for everything and everyone—without exception. Begin to understand disease as an opportunity to be grateful for every additional breath and experience that you have.  Most importantly, begin to enjoy the journey of life—in sickness and in health.  

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