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Posted on 11-30-2016

Yoga Man!

The essential questions in life as we know it, for men, for women, and for a soul in a human body is: how to be. For men this is especially poignant, living as they do in the cusp between the world of their fathers and the Age of Aquarius which is suddenly upon us. In many ways warrior and yogi are synonymous terms. Ultimately to be yogi doesn't simply mean that we can do a perfect Wheel Pose or rock Shoulder stand. It's the ability to embody fierce focus and an expansive overview. It's an open heart and devotion to discipline.

The yoga we practice and teach is called Kundailni Yoga. Kundalini is the energy of our higher potential. It's the basic bio-energy of our being. The same energy that prompts a tulip to blossom is the eternal power that inspires us to flare and dare. Raising one's Kundalini is the birthright of every human because we are meant to express our excellence. This is not a one time proposition, but something that we need to re-initiate every day. That's why it's so important to do a practice every day. The yogis tell us that in order to raise one's Kundalini one must please the Divine Mother, because Kundalini, energy in manifestation, is a feminine force. The way to do that is to have an abiding respect for life and respect for women. Also: to adapt a lifestyle amenable to the conservation of energy, and to open ourself to Spirit.

Kundalini Yoga is a synthesis of two approaches in yoga: Shakti and Bhakti. Shakti is energy. Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic system which uses movement and breathing along with the exercises to generate exponential energy. The other approach, Bhakti is pure devotion. Opening our heart to a Path with Heart.

10 Things Every Man Should Know*

1. Be noble. Take the high road. To be successful as a man turn ego into E.G.O.: Excellence. Grit. Organization (also, Opulence of Spirit!). As a man, there are powerful compensations for living in higher consciousness.

2. According to yoga, one's first lifetime, in the cycle of human births, is as a man (one step removed from the animal kingdom). Also, it's said, that as a woman, any lifetime can be one in which you graduate (Liberation). As men, to transcend our animal natures isn't being "tamed," we're turning angry gorilla into conscious warrior.

3. Don't run after women. Get your act together and when the time is right, make yourself available. Women represent maya, illusion. As a polarity to that, what they want is for you to be authentic. Don't pretend you're Spiritual if you're not. Don't pretend you're a cowboy if you're not, or a tough guy if you're not. Be who you are, but also, don't pretend to be less than you are either! Be great in your own way.

4. Your job as a man is to bolster your woman's radiance. When you give other women the kind of attention which is anything less than noble, you are stealing radiance from the woman in your life. Honor the woman in your life and amplify her radiance through your love. That light will shower you with blessings! It could be said that a good woman is your secret weapon. Her prayers, intuition, creativity, and love make all things possible and shield you. If you have been blessed with a good woman, remind yourself daily how lucky you are! Also, don't resent your woman because she wants you to be present.

5. A man wants to feel that he has it all under control. In the long run, trying to bluster your way through life doesn't work. The only way to keep it all together is to maintain a settled mind and a victorious spirit. To achieve and maintain those things is through daily Kundalini Yoga (or similar discipline) and meditation (or prayer). It is important for men to feel that they have everything covered, but the ability to give up control and be flexible is a also a sign that a man is comfortable with his masculinity.

6. Boys will be boys and men will be men. As a man, find your path and purpose and stick to it. Committed relationship and family are among the highest Spiritual Paths. This is not a patronizing statement meant to incite you to behave. Whomever you are, and whatever you do, if you view your life as anything less than a Spiritual Path, you are just spinning your wheels.

7. A woman doesn't want a sensitive man, she wants a man to be sensitive to her feelings. Be a rock not a butterfly , but don't be afraid to open your heart!

8. Each man is primarily influenced by his mother or father. As a man, it's important to know which category you fall into. Be honest with yourself. If you were more influenced by your mother, you need to be harder on yourself (more discipline), by your father, easier on yourself (less self-recrimination and trying to live up to impossible standards). Mother men, like women too much (need more positive father energy). Father men need to respect women more (need more positive mother energy).

9. As Oscar Wilde said, "It's not our job to try to understand women, only to love them." Women are ruled by the moon. They wax and wane. Men are ruled by the sun. How can you commit to a woman if she's different every day? The answer: commit to commitment, shine steady!

10. One of the highest attainments as a man is to find a woman with a beautiful soul. The only way to accomplish that is to make your own soul beautiful. Dedicate yourself to a daily Spiritual practice and extend that into your life.

*Gay people please extrapolate. Also, we realize that men and women have masculine and feminine qualities and that's it's a little glib to make these types of sweeping generalizations. Nevertheless, we all need guidance and we hope this helps.

Ravi Singh and Ana Brett


Ravi and Ana will be teaching June 6th at Samadhi Yoga Center in Houston:

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