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Welcome to Natural Awakenings

Natural Awakenings Houston is Houston's premier healthy living magazine.

The Hart Family: Belle, Mike, Ra, Sadie, Cindy and Shango.

Letter from the Publishers


It’s August already and soon school will be starting again. Unlike Arkansas where I am from, Houston has two brief fallow seasons. One in December and the other August. So, over at the Independence Heights Farm, we are harvesting the last of the summer vegetables and getting the beds ready for the fall planting to begin next month. Around the Hart household we are trying to stay cool, but our basenjis love the hot weather.

Natural Awakenings magazine is many things, but one of the things I hope it is becoming is a bridge. There are different communities from all over the world here in Houston and they all bring their different bits of wisdom along with their foods and customs. I see Natural Awakenings introducing New Americans from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe to our vibrant city and exposing us to the cultures and spiritual practices they have brought with them from all over the world. A bridge like this is a wonderful thing but it is also a practical thing. Bridges are for crossing over whatever divides us.

The theme of bridges brings to my mind a song that we sometimes sing at your church:

Building bridges between our divisions,

I reach out for you. Won’t you reach out for me?

With all of our voices and all of our visions,

Friends, we can make such sweet harmony.

As you endure these hot dog-days of summer, reach out. Make a friend. Try something new: a new cuisine, a new spiritual practice… Have that last adventure before school starts again and routine takes over. Build a bridge and not a wall.

Bright blessings,

Mike & Cindy Hart

Bright blessings,

Mike & Cindy Hart

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