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Welcome to Natural Awakenings

Natural Awakenings Houston is Houston's premier healthy living magazine.

The Hart Family: Belle, Mike, Ra, Sadie, Cindy and Shango.

Letter from the Publishers


Spring is turning to summer. At least it sure feels like that. The tomatoes, okra and squashes are ripening over at the Independence Heights Farm. Cindy and I are both enjoying the fresh vegetables that we helped grow. We are also glad to live in a city with so many great cultural and spiritual events. It’s sometimes hard to decide which ones to attend. Check out all the events in this month’s Natural Awakenings. I’m sure you will find something that will both inform and uplift you.

We are also glad to live in a city with so many great traditional and alternative healthcare providers. Cindy took a little tumble late last month. Nothing broken. Just a skinned knee and some painful bruising. It was good to be able to see a top notch orthopedic doctor who confirmed there was no serious damage and to take advantage of the best alternative care, as well. We believe it really isn’t a matter of traditional or alternative, but of integrating the two so you get the advantages of both forms of care.

The Natural Awakenings VIP Club has sent out the first round of prizes and discounts to our members. If you missed joining in May, don’t miss the advantages of membership in June. At the end of the month we will be giving away products and services provided by four of our advertisers to the lucky winner plus everyone will receive at least four valuable discount coupons. To join, just text NAHTX to 71441 and you are a member!

Take care. Be kind and we’ll see you around town.

Bright blessings,

Mike & Cindy Hart

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Michael Hart
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